How to Find CIF Number in SBI Online & Offline – Step by Step Guide

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How to Find CIF Number in SBI, thisĀ is not an easy task. Many of the SBI account holder users don’t know even the meaning of CIF and are unaware of its existence until they need to do some transactions related to CIF number. In this article, we will learn all about CIF number and learn why you should have a basic idea about the same. You will also get to know about how to find CIF number in SBI account. The online and offline methods to find SBI CIF number will be covered in this article.

So, let’s get started with how to find CIF number in SBI.

CIF Number Meaning and Importance

Let’s start with basics first.

CIF number stands for Customer Information File.This is a very important entity for both the bank and the account holder as it contains all the account related details of the customer. For banks, it is like data file of the customer using which they can track all transaction details in minutes.

You can relate CIF number to Aadhar card Number in terms of Data holding process. Just like unique digit code in Aadhar holds your identity details, in the similar way, CIF number unique codes hols your banking details.

Only bank and the customer can access this CIF number for banking purposes. Some people misunderstood the CIF number as Bank Account Number which is not true. CIF number is the tracking code of your account which does not changes even when you transfer your bank account from one branch to another branch.

Methods to Find CIF Number in SBI

how to find cif number in sbi

So, by far you have learnt what CIF number actually is and why do you need to know about this number. Now. the question arises how to find CIF in SBI. Well, this is quite simple.

There are many methods to Find CIF number in SBI and they are mentioned below:

Offline Methods

  • SBI Passbook
  • SBI Cheque Book
  • Dialing SBI Customer Care Number

Online Methods

  • SBI Net Banking
  • SBI e-statement
  • SBI Anywhere

Let’s learn about these methods one by one.

Explaining the Offline Methods to Find CIF in SBI

How to Find CIF number in SBI Passbook

It’s too simple. Open your Passbook and see its first page. Your SBI bank CIF number will be printed in the top of the page, above the account number. Note it down from here.

How to Find CIF Number in SBI Cheque Book

Go, get your SBI Cheque Book, and start looking for CIF number. You will find it on the top-left of the first page of the cheque book. Please note that it may happen that CIF is not written along with the number. You have to identify it yourself.

Dial SBI Customer Care Number

Dial SBI Customer Care number and tell them you want to know CIF Number of SBI bank account. They will first identify your banking details and then explain you the process how you can get CIF number.

Go to SBI Bank

When nothing works right for you, visiting the bank branch is the only option left. You have to go to the bank and ask them to provide you CIF number. They may ask you to submit identity proof and Aadhar card details for this.

Explaining the Online Methods to Find CIF in SBI

Using SBI Net Banking

  • Open your laptop and go to
  • Now login to your SBI Net banking account with correct User ID and Password
  • Click on My Account
  • Under the Account Summary Window, click on View Nomination & PAN Details link
  • Your CIF number will display on your screen

Using SBI e-statement

  • Login to net banking
  • Go to My Accounts
  • Click on Account Statement from left side menu
  • Select Account Number>>Month
  • Click View and Go

You will see your SBI bank account E-statement on your screen. Here you can easily find CIF number as well.

Using SBI Anywhere APP

If you have installed SBI Anywhere App on your phone, then you can find CIF number more easily and efficiently.


  • Login to SBI Anywhere App
  • Go to Services
  • Click on Online Nomination
  • Select Transact Account as Account Type
  • Select Account Number

Now your CIF number will display on the APP.


These are the methods that can be used to Find CIF number in SBI online and Offline. If nothing works for you( which rarely heppens), don;t hesitate to go to bank and talk to them personally.


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